Unbound RPG

Universal pulp action roleplaying

Written by: gshowitt

Unbound Actual Play report

Rob Whitford playtested Unbound a month or so ago, and he very kindly wrote up the whole thing in exacting detail. If you’re after a more in-depth report of what it’s like from the players’ perspective, take a look. UNBOUND PLAYTEST WRITEUP I was kindly sent Unbound to give it a playtest by Grant, one of the writers. I asked if I could have a copy early to test for two reasons, firstly I have

9 things Goblin Quest taught me about how to run a Kickstarter (and what we’re doing differently for Unbound)

(By guest author Mary Hamilton, who’s acting as producer on this project, and is smarter than both designers of Unbound put together)   1. Ask for what you need, not what you’d like… When we put together the Kickstarter for Goblin Quest, Grant cut out everything that the game didn’t need in order to get the funding target as low as possible. We researched the cheapest possible printing options that would let us create a book,

No-nonsense Kickstarter pitch

WHAT IS UNBOUND? UNBOUND is a universal tabletop RPG with a focus on character-focused world-building, group-led episodic storytelling, and streamlined combat. We use playing cards as a resolution mechanic to create an exciting, freewheeling game system with lots of dramatic highs and lows – and we’ve made a game that lets the gamesmaster focus on running the game, rather than preparing to do it. The central mechanic of the game is simple: for every action,