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Unbound Actual Play report

Rob Whitford playtested Unbound a month or so ago, and he very kindly wrote up the whole thing in exacting detail. If you’re after a more in-depth report of what it’s like from the players’ perspective, take a look. UNBOUND PLAYTEST WRITEUP I was kindly sent Unbound to give it a playtest by Grant, one of the writers. I asked if I could have a copy early to test for two reasons, firstly I have


Welcome back to a series of posts on how to create characters in UNBOUND through the lens of Gelt Dimespinner, a fabulous sci-fi gunfighter. Our previous entry focused around Cores, the fundamental building blocks of the character – and today, we’re going to look at Roles, which form the crux of a character’s power in battle scenes. There are five roles: Brawler, which focuses on being at the centre of big melees; Deadeye, which focuses


CHARACTER CREATION, PART ONE: CORE Welcome to the first of the series of blog posts where we’ll break down the way that character and world creation work in Unbound. For these example posts, we’ll be following the story of Gelt Dimespinner, a maverick sci-fi gunfighter. Today we’ll be looking at the most important part of any character – the core. We’re going to assume that Gelt is in a swashbuckling sci-fi setting. The touchstones we