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Rook & Deckard – Remote Consultancy

If you’re interested in learning how to roleplay and GM better, have more fun around the gaming table and relax into an easier, more efficient method of play, we can help you out. We offer a roleplaying advice clinic over Skype or in person. We also offer games design consultancy – are you stuck on a project? Are you struggling to get a game off the ground, or past prototype stages? Are you just trying


Photo Credit: Dennis Stauffer    Welcome to post three in a series focusing on the character creation of Gelt Dimespinner, mercenary space gunfighter with a pair of sawn-off crystal pistols and a flair for the dramatic. We’ve determined that Gelt’s core is Magi and their Role is Warden, so they’re on a quest for arcane knowledge and have a combat style that’s geared around self-preservation and looking out for their allies. Next up, traits. A