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Welcome to post three in a series focusing on the character creation of Gelt Dimespinner, mercenary space gunfighter with a pair of sawn-off crystal pistols and a flair for the dramatic. We’ve determined that Gelt’s core is Magi and their Role is Warden, so they’re on a quest for arcane knowledge and have a combat style that’s geared around self-preservation and looking out for their allies.

Next up, traits. A character’s trait informs the world and the character’s actions in it, as well as offering a second power to use in combat.

We took a look through our list of traits to see what would best fit Gelt. Aura, a trait that affects the area the character is standing in, seemed like a good choice to match CENTRE OF ATTENTION. AURA OF PAIN would inflict damage to enemies standing nearby to Gelt every single turn, but at a cost of Gelt’s health. We thought it might represent a low level of continual violence, and we liked that, so we put it down as a maybe.

FIREBURST from the Fire trait line was our second option – it allows a character to inflict damage to all characters in their area when they make a SHOOT or STRIKE action. But it has low chance to recharge once used, and seems a little imprecise for Gelt’s fighting style.

Finally, we read KICK IN THE DOOR from the Mighty trait, and knew we had to have it, because it seems a natural fit for Gelt’s flamboyance. The power – a boost, which is triggered when the player uses a face or a story card – doubles the damage made after a MOVE action as the character makes a dramatic entrance. We can envisage Gelt stomping around, surfing on bodies and doors, smashing through windows and generally making a scene.

We figured Gelt’s Mighty trait would be represented in the fiction as a pair of massively overpowered hydraulic legbraces and back supports. These allow Gelt to move impossibly fast over short distances (explaining the high Stamina of a Warden – it’s all dodging, flipping, spinning, diving) and also to kick in doors, walls, spaceship bulkheads, etc.

(Plus, the advanced version of the power lets a character make connections between unconnected areas, effectively creating shortcuts around the battlefield.)

Click here to download the Mighty trait as a PDF

There are two questions to answer that are attached to the trait and the power, namely:

Who thinks that you’re all power and no control?

“Captain” Drak Hacksmash, head of acquisitions and demolition at Stryx Orbital Mining Corp and bankroller for this mission, thinks Gelt is all power and no control. And he loves it. He’s continually asking Gelt for footage from missions and sending the party into situations that are way above their pay-grade because “Gelt is a stone-cold atrocity.”

Which is the bar you most regret getting kicked out of?

Escape Velocity, the only bar/truck-stop/strip-club/pig farm on Escalon, co-incidentally the place the party has to visit before descending to the surface of the moon. Mainly because the owner, Johnny Xero, is Gelt’s alien ex-husband/ex-wife/brain parasite/mystical hallucination, and they’re not on great terms.

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