March 21, 2016


Characters have fates that change from session-to-session, and they act both as a way of “levelling up” the character and also a way for players to direct play and frame scenes within the game. Simply put, fates are something that the player (and the group) want to see the character do or have done to them. Here are some example fates:


– My character develops a new way of divining the presence of ghosts.
– My character inherits a ramshackle spaceship from her uncle, and it comes with a price.
– My character gets captured by the Solemn Men of Moloch.
– My character kisses a boy.
– My character has to deal with the fallout of the break-up of her sister’s marriage.
– My character’s kids are put in danger.

Each character has two fates – one made up by their player, and one created for them by the group as a whole. When a player resolves their character’s fate, they mark a card – this becomes a boost card, and offers additional powers when it’s used in combat.  When they resolve both of their fates, they can choose a new power, or upgrade one of their existing powers to the advanced level.