March 21, 2016


From the creator of Goblin Quest, One Last Job, Drunken Bear Fighter and more besides comes UNBOUND, a new tabletop roleplaying game. Co-written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, UNBOUND is a mix of streamlined tactical combat and collaborative worldbuilding and storytelling. UNBOUND allows the players and gamesmaster the chance to craft the characters, the adventure and the game world together, all at the same time, through a series of directed prompts and leading questions tied to the powers and abilities that players choose for their characters.

We’ve played in games featuring cyberpunk bodyhorror noir, drunk jungle wizards, dwarven robocops, young adult guerilla warfare, post-apocalyptic sci-fi dragonhunters and biomechanical high elf assault vampires. We can’t wait to see what worlds you’ll create together.

UNBOUND is low-prep, high-content. With UNBOUND, the players and the GM contribute evenly to the story, so – in the in very first session, and every session after that – there’s a bare minimum of preparation. Everyone just turns up and plays: less planning, more awesome.

UNBOUND’s battle system is fluid and cinematic but supports interesting, round-to-round tactical decisions through a series of clever abstractions and an innovative stamina system. Using a deck of standard playing cards as both a way to determine chance and each character’s hitpoints, we’ve built a visceral and exciting way to have fights.

We need your help to make UNBOUND happen. If you want to embark on a grand adventure with your friends and explore a world of your own creation, check us out on Kickstarter.