March 21, 2016


A character’s role determines how they behave in combat. Each role comes with a selection of optional powers that can be upgraded to allow the player to craft the character according to their vision.


BRAWLER – A master of the melee; an expert at getting kicked in the teeth and dragging themselves to their feet; a role never happier than when they’re under a swirling mass of adversaries.
DEADEYE – A nimble ranged combatant with deadly accuracy; their upgrades allow them to become ever faster, double their range, or target multiple enemies in a single action with tremendous weight of fire.
STRIKER – The striker works up-close and very personal, delivering massive damage and relocating to avoid retribution; they might be an artist with a knife, or a guy with a shotgun slightly larger than he is, but they turn out harm like no other.
PROTECTOR – Healer, defender and support; the protector’s main ability is to hand out temporary stamina to their friends in combat, which can mean the difference between success and defeat in a tight battle.
WARDEN – The warden is tough as old nails, and specialises in taking on the biggest threat on the battlefield to lessen the damage it can do to their friends.

Click here to download the Warden role as a PDF