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STONEGRAVE is an exhibition session zero of Unbound where the creators and their game designer friends (Becky Annison, Keiron Gillen and Sharang Biswas) created characters, a world, and a campaign in a single session of play. If you’re interested to see how exciting building a game of Unbound can be, you can listen to it happening here:

Soundcloud link

If you’d rather just read what we came up with, here’s a rundown on what we built:

They killed the gods, in as much as one can kill a god.

They locked them in concrete tombs and walled off the city dedicated to their worship. They built a great coffin over it and forbade anyone from entering or leaving; they left the doomed priests and citizens inside to starve to death, filled the sky above with floating obsidian spheres that incinerated anyone who came close, and got on with the business of dominating those that were left.

But that was centuries ago, and Stonegrave – as it is called – is an old legend. A myth. A place rotten with bad magic, a relic of a bygone age. No-one speaks of it any more.

Aside from you.

You heard the stories that the old gods were buried in here. You knew that the revolution, the Old Faith, needed all the help it could get. So you stole a stoneship and flew across the forbidden zone, through interlocking nets of white-hot light, and pierced the shell of the place like a meteor falling to earth. You crashed into the dead city and started searching.

You’re en route to resurrect your god. Against you stand the forces of the oppressor – those people who killed your gods, centuries ago – and parts of your own faith, too, who see you as a radical splinter cult. The people, locked in here, are spectral remnants of what they used to be – or distant ancestors of who you are now, warped and twisted by half a millenia of curses and magical fallout.

Still. If you pull it off, you’ll be heroes.

[Core: Outlaw. Core Foundation: Drop Ship Pilgrims.]


TEMPERANCE – A sanctified killer for the Old Faith, trained in martial arts and carrying enchanted obsidian knives sharp enough to slice through a stonesuit. So steeped in sin is she that she has three churches devoted solely to praying for her soul. [Striker, Dirty Fighter]

ALISTAIR – A stoneship pilot and orb wizard, defected from the monastic tradition that trains magicians from birth to master the spheres via painful and unreliable implanted stone rings. Handsome Alistair is a poster child for the revolution, despite his faithlessness, and has several chroniclers following him around trying to spin his exploits into propaganda. [Brawler, Aura]

DOMITUS – A turncoat from the godkillers, sent to raze a rebel encampment to the ground, but defected and joined them instead after hearing the word of the Dead God. An Arcane Recon Expert carrying a gauss cannon, and devoted to protecting those in his new unit through use of his adaptive Grigori-pattern stonesuit. [Deadeye, Captain

CARITAS – A member of a particularly controversial sect who pluck fallen angels out of hell and use them to power internment engines – powered suits of armour that contain sinners desperate to earn a place in heaven through self-sacrifice (not to mention the sacrifice of others). Caritas is serving penance for falling in love with the wrong person, and when he’s not steering an angel-powered killsuit into combat, he’s a hopeless romantic. [Warden, Transform]


THE GRIEVERS – Loyalist sect of the Faith who managed to extract their dying goddess from the city before it was sealed off. Desperate to stop the player characters awakening any others – why? Rivers of tears – gifts from Our Lady Lacrimal – herald the approach of Weepers, the shadowed field clerics of their order.

THE GODKILLERS – Not what they call themselves, but here we are. Jackboot fascists in suits of stone power-armour, dedicated to keeping the gods dead and the rebels under control. One of them – Captain Winters – served with Domitus during his time in the army, and thanks to his actions she is now permanently confined to a massive stonesuit powered by fallen angels. 

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