March 21, 2016


Traits offer flavour and additional powers for characters in Unbound – each character starts with one, but can upgrade to two through fulfilling their fates. Traits come with a series of questions attached to them, and with these questions the GM can use them to shape the world around the players with reference to their particular abilities. We have twelve traits in the book, and here are a selection:

FIRE – Control and channel fire into your attacks, launch explosive balls of flame, or ignite like the phoenix and come back swinging when you get taken down.
DIRTY FIGHTER – Gang up on enemies, make the area around yourself dangerous with improvised trickery, or hurt someone so bad that they’re dizzied and useless and your friends can take advantage.
TRANSFORM – Take on an alternate form and all powers that come with it at the price of unpredictability – while channelling the devil himself into your blades and becoming a hovering dervish is useful, the random fires that keep breaking out on your allies might upset them a little.
CAPTAIN – Lead others in valiant charges and desperate standoffs, and lend support to struggling allies from your own deck.
COMPANION  – Accompanied by a beast, swarm, mystical entity, robotic companion or simply a gang of your underlings, you and your companion fight as one to inflict extra damage, negate incoming attacks, and make sure important attacks hit home.
THE UNNATURAL – There’s something weird inside you, and it won’t stop whispering. Walk through hell, battle enemies with bursts of horrendous tentacles, or make bargains with something dark and muttering that pins your wounds shut from within.

Click here to download the Mighty trait as a PDF