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Over the last weekend, we ran a contest on Twitter to give away a FREE and DELICIOUS copy of Unbound. Here are our favourites, in no particular order, and the winner.


THE HP LOVECRAFT AWARD FOR OLD-SCHOOL FROSTY MADNESS goes to Commander Jarenth; we really like the idea of fighting Scott et al after they’ve turned into ice-based monstrosities and brought back a cult of sub-zero horrors.

THE TOM SELLECK AWARD FOR BEST USE OF SPEEDBOATS goes to Susan Bator. We really like the idea of the setting – just the top parts of skyscrapers and a load of pirates – and that, even in a watery apocalypse, the NASDAQ is still ticking away.

THE GIANT CREEPY BEHEMOTH UNDER THE ICE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN GIANT CREEPY BEHEMOTHS foes to Magbonch, and seriously, how cool would this look on film? We can just imagine the horrible monsters scudding around underneath the cracking floors like a post-ice age upside-down Cloverfield.

THE PATIENT ZERO AWARD FOR MOST INVENTIVE USE OF PATHOGENS goes to Tony Kelly. We love the way that different weirdo powers could be explained through the use of tradeable superviruses.

THE MORGAN FREEMAN AWARD FOR BEST USE OF ZEALOUS PENGUINS goes to Matt Sutton, who has written a largely unusable setting that we love dearly.

THE CHRIS AND GRANT AWARD FOR BEING THE SETTING WE’D MOST LIKE TO PLAY IN goes to David King. Something about the imagery he conjures up really sparks our imaginations – we can picture tense chases through dirty neon tunnels as frost rimes overhead and nightmare angels stalk the streets, blazing unnatural light.  David wins a free copy of UNBOUND!

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